10 Theses on Digitization of Corporate Learning

I am currently summing up my experiences from a number of corporate learning projects for DAX-listed companies in Germany. My "10 Theses on Digitization of Corporate Learning" want to trigger strategy discussions around innovation in corporate education and indicate the direction into which things are moving with increasing pace:

  1. Learning digitally is a facet of working digitally.
  2. Digitization is not about substituting classroom trainings by converting them into learnings.
  3. There is incredibly great stuff out there. Use it.
  4. You can create the best learning content internally.
  5. Make it crisp. Smart microlearning does not mean oversimplification.
  6. Mobile first in digital Learning.
  7. Employees will embrace digital learning - if done well.
  8. It is primarily a shift in learning culture and only secondly a technical challenge.
  9. Leadership and HR have to obtain new roles in learning.
  10. You can start today.

Over the next weeks, I will detail the theses and prepare a consistent discussion paper which will be shared here as well.