Lernhacks: What do employees need to take ownership for their development?

Just two days ago, we launched www.lernhacks.de - it's about routines, tools and tricks that help employees to take responsibility for their personal learning and development.

In my opinion, the future of learning is about moving away from static, pre-defined programs ("push") to a more autonomous model of learning ("pull") being anchored in everyday working life. The starting point of Lernhacks was the question: What do employees need to change their attitude and their behavior accordingly?

Lernhacks are not bound to concrete contents or competences, but rather trigger the reflection (meta-cognition): 

  • What should I or what do I want to learn? And why? 
  • How do I want to do that? 
  • Am I making progress? 
  • How could I improve?

Take this as an example: The hack "My Learning Dashboard" helps you to plan your learning, monitor your learning progress, and understand how and when you learn best.

Most of the hacks are provided free of charge under a Creative Commons license. In addition, we offer companies to systematically introduce Lernhacks (content licensing, consulting, training of managers) and to develop customized hacks for their industries and areas of work. Porsche is our piloting partner for this exciting project. There will also be an online shop offering Lernhacks products (book, hacks as posters and index cards etc.).

www.lernhacks.de is a joint project by Meike Hülber, Jan Schönfeld and me.